Graduate and Professional Student Networking and Etiquette Dinner

Friday, February 24, 2017
Graduate and Professional Student Networking & Etiquette Dinner
At Mason’s Arlington Campus


Cost: $20
Proper Attire: Business Professional
6:00 pm-9:00 pm
Founders Hall Multipurpose Room
Registration deadline: February 20, 2017 (no late registrations accepted)

Pre-Event Checklist:

  1. Wondering what to expect? Find all of your answers in Presenter Cathleen Hanson’s What To Expect document.
  2. Make sure you are prepared for dinner! Prior to the event, be sure to review the Dining Etiquette Guide.
  3. Check Event Agenda for a full schedule of the evening
  4. For information on proper attire see the Attire Guide
  5. Review Host Bios and indicate your table preferences here

Event Description:

Mason graduate and professional students and recent Mason alums (Spring 2016 or Fall 2016 graduates) are invited to attend a fun and instructional networking and etiquette event. You will have the opportunity to connect with other students as well as with seasoned Mason alumni and employers. A professional networking and etiquette expert will lead the evening. The evening will feature hors d’oeuvres, a plated dinner, and dessert bar. A cash bar will be available.

A free pre-event LinkedIn Speedshop will begin at 5:30 pm. The LinkedIn Speedshop is open to all students and you do not need to be registered for the dinner to attend this session. To RSVP for the LinkedIn Speedshop only, email

Learning Outcomes:

By attending the Graduate and Professional Networking & Etiquette Dinner event you will learn how to:

• Read a room for social cues
• Properly exchange business cards
• Politely join or excuse yourself from conversations
• Discuss common dining dilemmas
• Leverage your professional contacts to aid in your job search
• Project an image of professionalism and credibility so others will take you seriously in the workplace

Additional Details:

The NETWORKING portion of the event will cover:

• Practical networking strategies (e.g., how to balance food and drink while shaking hands, proper way to exchange business cards, etc.)
• Social networking strategies (e.g., how to join a small group of people, how to introduce yourself to strangers, how to exit a conversation, etc.)
• Gaining networking tips and strategies to apply to your job search (e.g., how to go about networking)
• Practicing networking skills with peers and professionals
• Networking with professionals in my industry area of interest

The ETIQUETTE portion of the event will cover:

• Learning rules and protocols for etiquette at a formal meal (e.g., correct utensils to use at dinner, continental versus American dining style, etc.)
• Dining etiquette tips (e.g., ways to handle awkward situations like dropping utensils at dinner, spilling drinks, food in teeth, etc.)
• Dining and networking etiquette in different cultural settings (western and non-western)


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